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Monday, 17 October 2011

A picturesque day

1.thrifted bundles of vibrant fabric
2. thrifted envelope clutch for $3
3. thrifted high waisted mint shorts, Polo Ralph Lauren chino shorts, floral printed maxi dress
4. $2.50 chino shorts!!
5. Clutch with detachable gold chain 
7. Japanese buffet! Crunch + Italian sushi
8. Yakitori 
8. Sashimi Salad
9. Night Noodle Markets, Hyde Park 
10. Papa Roti's coffee cream coated bun with butter filling and Fererro Rocher icecream
11. Date outfit - white hight wasted circle skirt, thrifted navy leather belt, floral bralette, mum's black fitted blazer & favourite sandals for summer nights (too bad it was freezing!) 

xx Kim


  1. love those pictures!


  2. ommgg at your mint pants! You must show me sometime :P