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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Flower power

Flowers are a perfect way of bringing some warmth in an attempt to ward off this chilly chilly Autumn weather. Picking up some great hair pieces at Equip for cheap as chip prices (hoorah for sales!). I picked up a light pink satin goldware necklace for $5 that doubles up as a hairpiece! :D Also bought some cutie hairpins which I detached the flowers from and added them to my plain wedges & flats and voila ~ instant shoe revival! 

So what accessories have double up in action for you?

Kim x

Saturday, 7 May 2011

J'aime ma maman

"A mothers love is like a rose, each passing day it grows and grows". Happy Mothers days to all women - those who have given us the gift of life. I love you mum!


Never forget your roots.

Family. One word that is universal however has a different meaning to each and every person. Family has made me who I am but my actions will determine who I will become. 

they gave me life. 

Brothers & 1 - my 21st milestone
Eldest nephew Jack
Youngest nephew Seth
My first post so here goes!