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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Breakfast date

So it's holiday season for uni students at the moment and what else do we do?  We have long catchups over breakfast with a pot of tea warming us up from the chilly winter mornings. The other day, I met up with my high school friend who is back in Sydney for a break before she's leaves for Melbourne again. Spent the morning sharing some good laughs, discussing future travel plans and of course epic food adventures and cooking classes! Twas  a lovely morning spent with gorgeous Jess at Single Origin Roasters, Surry Hills. Finished the day off with my love, searching for an awesome sword to purchase for training. We need more laid back days like this. 

Corned wagyu beef hash served with poached hen's egg on sourdough. 
Persian spiced baked beans served with feta and sourdough
breakfast with lovely Jess <3

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

perfect lazy days

                                    (all photos taken from iphone ~ totally loving instagram!)

In the midst of finishing off exams for the semester, buried in work work work yet I chose to pause the fury sip some Japanese green brown rice tea, clear the mind with some Buddhist quotes and eating some delicious macarons from the famous Adriano Zumbo! (thank you Ian and Martin) for making the trip there for me!

My boyfriend's birthday is at the end of next month however that didn't me from getting him an early birthday present :) I chipped in with him to purchase a new Takamine D-series acoustic guitar and the view? we'll that's something for next month <3


animal instinct

Forever in love with these versatile high-wasted print shorts and rings :D I am slowly collecting an abundance of rings of all shapes sizes, stackable ones, knuckle dusters haha - can't get enough!

Almost finishing my degree in exercise & sport science ~ only 2 exams left and then a final subject next semester. Bring on new beginnings!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Once you've been bitten my the travel bug; it'll never leave :) 

4WD day trip at Penrose state forest with close friends. (2011)
Skydiving Fiji with best friend Tracy (uni break 2010) 
Graffiti Lane - Melbourne getaway during uni break (2010)
New Caledonia - 2011
New Caledonia - VVN martial arts camp photo with local tribe who fed us (2011)
4WD day trip - stumbled across an abandoned ship in the middle of the forest
Manly Wharf -after day of kayaking
Sunset at Manly Wharf (2010)
Fiji's largest Hindu temple (2010)
Melbourne 2010

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