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Tuesday, 6 December 2011



 A few snapshots of my 22nd birthday celebrations. Thank you for all who came to share a fabulous few nights with! I truly truly adore and cherish everyone's friendship over the years! <3 <3 <3

Friday, 4 November 2011

You and I

                                                                The perfect song!

 A collection of a lovely evening spent with my other half for our 1 year anniversary on the Sydney International Cabaret Showboat last weekend. It was an absolutely amazing night spent with great food, views and thrilling dance performance all while cruising through the harbour on a balmy Spring night.

My outift was ntirely thrifted (HOORAH): Seduce fuchsia dress, navy and gold waist belt and black patent clutch. Entire outfit cost me $13 -really don't need to fork out big bucks to look and feel divine :)

Heres to many more years spent with my best friend with lots of laughter, luck and love.

xx Kim

Monday, 17 October 2011

A picturesque day

1.thrifted bundles of vibrant fabric
2. thrifted envelope clutch for $3
3. thrifted high waisted mint shorts, Polo Ralph Lauren chino shorts, floral printed maxi dress
4. $2.50 chino shorts!!
5. Clutch with detachable gold chain 
7. Japanese buffet! Crunch + Italian sushi
8. Yakitori 
8. Sashimi Salad
9. Night Noodle Markets, Hyde Park 
10. Papa Roti's coffee cream coated bun with butter filling and Fererro Rocher icecream
11. Date outfit - white hight wasted circle skirt, thrifted navy leather belt, floral bralette, mum's black fitted blazer & favourite sandals for summer nights (too bad it was freezing!) 

xx Kim

Saturday, 8 October 2011


Yesterday was lovely spent with scrumptious yumcha with Maria, Luci and my boyfriend. After having a feast of a brunch, us girls ventured to spend the day driving around to local thrift stores for some bargain hunting. Scored myself a rose printed black maxi skirt, a navy Sportscraft leather belt, a huge lollie jar & a sapphire candle holder for just $10.50! $10.50! haha I was shocked when the already bargains were further discounted to half price :) After some fun running around in the stores, we headed to a nail supply outlet where I picked up a few more colours (don't they remind you of lollipops?) to add to my never ending collection. Finished off the afternoon with some tea and ice cream to share.

Time to knuckle down 2 more of my assessments on top of organising work, wish me luck!

xx Kim


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