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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Once you've been bitten my the travel bug; it'll never leave :) 

4WD day trip at Penrose state forest with close friends. (2011)
Skydiving Fiji with best friend Tracy (uni break 2010) 
Graffiti Lane - Melbourne getaway during uni break (2010)
New Caledonia - 2011
New Caledonia - VVN martial arts camp photo with local tribe who fed us (2011)
4WD day trip - stumbled across an abandoned ship in the middle of the forest
Manly Wharf -after day of kayaking
Sunset at Manly Wharf (2010)
Fiji's largest Hindu temple (2010)
Melbourne 2010

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  1. No way! You went sky diving? Thats so awesome, i would like to do that one day, looks like so much fun! & that water looks beautiful, so lucky that your travelling :)