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Saturday, 10 September 2011

A few snapshots of our 10 month date amongst nature. Spent the afternoon strolling through Minnamurra Rainforest however, was unable to see the waterfall but indeed next time! Topped off the day with a little trip further down to Kiama and where my lovely man decided to make me pose a for him haha. Good fun and good company <3


  1. I LIKE THIS POST! :D you're a natural model kim! lol
    And i've been to minnamurra rainforest ..... the waterfal is not great and not worth the STEEEPPPP and TIRRRINNGG walk :D

  2. thankyou NGOMA! <3 bahaha model material no wayyy lol dustin kept moving my arms and legs around on the rocks LOL

    can't wait for the return of your outfit posts!

  3. i'm just trying to let all my followers know that i changed my blog url, and have found that for my followers to receive my post updates they have to unfollow me then refollow the new address. so frustrating, and now i'm trying to get the message around to every one :( pretty big job, but i really appreciate each and every person who follows me and would love to keep having you as my audience. i love receiving comments from you and hearing what you have to say . have a lovely day! x

  4. what lovely photos! looks like you guys had to much fun :D
    jessie x

    the weekend project.

  5. love these pictures.. its so beautiful and looks like you had alot of fun :)
    first time on your blog and i like it!!

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